Best Broken Link Checker Plugin for WordPress

Best Broken Link Checker Plugin for WordPressAre you looking for the Best Broken Link Checker Plugin for your WordPress site? Broken links greatly affect both the user experience and SEO of your site. If you do not fix these quickly, your website ranking may decrease. Today in this article we have made a list of some of the best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugins that you can use for your site.

What is Broken Link-:

Broken links are links that are not present on your site and when visitors click on them, they have to do the same 404 pages not found an error. To put it simply, when you add a link to an old post or an external link in your content, but after some time they are not available (deleted or redirected). Such links create the issue of a broken link. As I said earlier, Broken links not only affect user experience, it also affects search engine ranking.

Best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugins-:

1. Broken Link Checker-:

Best Broken Link Checker Plugin for WordPress

Broken Link Checker is a very popular WordPress plugin that helps check dead links or broken links on your site. This plugin checks broken links / dead links for your posts, pages, comments, blogroll, and custom fields etc. The amount of time it takes to search for Broken links (a few minutes, hours or more) depends entirely on the size of your site and how many links are in the site. After installing the plugin it will automatically start showing Broken links on your site. When the plugin mixes a broken link, it notifies you by dashboard or email. In addition, you can order the search engine not to follow broken links. The major downside of this plugin is it runs query on your server to find the broken link which increases the database size so it is highly recommended to deactivate the plugin once you fic all broken link and never forget to clean and optimize your WordPress database. 

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2. WP Broken Link Status Checker-:

Best Broken Link Checker Plugin for WordPressWP Broken Link Status Checker is also a very good plugin that helps you find a broken link on your site. Once the scan starts, you can see the result without ending the scan. Just you have to click on scan name or Show results. The plugin checks broken links / dead links for your posts, pages, comments etc. 

2 Best Broken Link Checker Plugin for WordPress

Also, you can use an online broken link checker tool – Dr Link Check. It is absolutely free to search the website’s Broken links and blacklisted links. This tool can check only 1000 links on your site. If you have more than 1000 links, you will need a Paid plan. However, this tool is perfect for a small blog or website.

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