Best Search Plugins for WordPress

Best Search Plugins for WordPress

Best Search Plugins for WordPress-:


Best Search Plugins for WordPress

SearchWP is a very good and powerful WordPress search plugin that instantly improves your site search experience. You can customize it and it is easy to use. After activating the plugin, it starts indexing your content by removing the default WordPress search engine. In general Custom field(post meta) are completely ignored by WordPress SearchWP to instantly make all of your valuable data searchable. SearchWP also helps in searching post / page title, categories and comment on your site.

WordPress already has search functionality, SearchWP steps in by integrating with your existing search form and results template. There is no coding neceassary to replace your existing keyword search form or results template! SearchWP automatically integrates with native WordPress search forms 

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Best Search Plugins for WordPress

Relevanssi removes your default WordPress search engine and adds configurable features. This plugin comes with both free and paid version. Relevanssi Premium adds great features to your site. This greatly improves the search experience and sorts search results based on relevance. You can also customize its features. Relevanssi replaces the standard WordPress search with a better search engine, with lots of features and configurable options. 

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3.Better Search-:

Best Search Plugins for WordPress

Better Search shows relevant search results by replacing the default WordPress search engine with another powerful search engine. The plugin returns immediate results of visitor search. It not only searches for posts, but also searches pages and other custom post types. The plugin comes with many options so that you can customize it easily. Search results are completely integrated with your theme and do not use any type of custom search templates.

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4.WP Google Search-:

Best Search Plugins for WordPress

Custom Google Search adds a powerful search feature to your site. You can use it for free. Through this, you can search anything on your site and only your site will appear in Google search results. WordPress repositories have many plugins to add custom Google Search to your site but WP Google Search is the best of them all. This plugin easily adds custom Google Search to your site. You only need to register in custom Google Search.

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5.Ajax Search Pro-:

Best Search Plugins for WordPress

Ajax search pro is a very good WordPress search plugin that improves the user search experience. It is highly customizable and comes with many features and options. The plugin removes the default WordPress search engine bar and adds a beautiful search engine bar to your site. This includes checkbox, dropdown, radio button category filters and custom field (post meta) filters with live ajax search.

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Best Search Plugins for WordPress

Swiftype is a fast, flexible search solution that improves the WordPress search engine. It provides highly relevant search results on your site. This plugin comes with free and paid version. Its paid plan starts at $ 79 / month. Just enter your website address, Swiftype will automatically index your site. In addition, advanced developers can use API extras for extra control.

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