East Step-By-Step guide to Build a WordPress website

East Step-By-Step guide to Build a WordPress website

WordPress is the best CMS platform which makes very easy to create a website and manage without any coding skill. WordPress is free and open-source and Power more than 35% of Internet websites. In this post, I will talk about How you can create a WordPress website in 4 easy steps.

East Step-By-Step guide to Build a WordPress website-:

1. Choose Domain and Hosting for a WordPress website-:

East Step-By-Step guide to Build a WordPress website

WordPress is a free and open-source that anybody can download and use it. if you want to start a WordPress blog, you must have two things one is Domain Name and the second one is Web Hosting. there are hundreds of Domain Registrar over the internet I recommend to buy Domain Name and Web Hosting with the same company so that it will be easy to manage your Domain Name and Hosting on a single platform. If you have already a domain name you can easily point out your hosting name server to your domain name.

There are hundreds of Hosting provider for WordPress but only some of them are good. DreamHost is one of them because they are providing hosting services since 1997. Dreamhost is officially recommended by WordPress community and ranked at the second position. DreamHost hosting cost is very affordable and comes with 97 days money-back guarantee. No hosting provider provides such long duration money-back guarantee which mean they are very confident about their services. once you purchased the hosting from DreamHost Install WordPress. if you feel any difficulty you can contact DreamHost team they will help you.

2. Select the theme for your WordPress website.

East Step-By-Step guide to Build a WordPress website

Once you finished WordPress installation now it is time to select the right theme. On WordPress, platform theme is nothing but look of your website. there are lots of free themes are available on the WordPress directory. you can browse and choose the theme that suits your requirement. You can also use a premium WordPress theme designed for SEO and speed.

3. Install Essential Plugin on your WordPress website-:

East Step-By-Step guide to Build a WordPress website

Apart from the theme, there are few other things that are required to run a WordPress website. A WordPress plugin is nothing but additional add on to execute the certain task on your website like Embedding Social Share button, SEO optimization collecting email address, embedding contact form etc.

Essential Plugin for WordPress is a Follow.

1. Jetpack-:

It is official all in one plugin from Automattic. It is a freemium type of plugin that have lots of functionality. At the starting stage free version is more than enough.

2. Yoast SEO-:
It is the best WordPress SEO plugin. It is a freemium type of plugin that has all functionality related to SEO. It makes it easy to submit a site map to the major search engine.

3. WP Super Cache-:
It is the best caching plugin to boost the loading time of your WordPress website. It is very handy to integrate Cloudflare CDN with this plugin. for more info read my post WP Super Cache Plugin Review-: Most Powerful Caching Plugin for WordPress Website.

4. WP Sweep-:
Database optimization is the most important part to reduce the loading time of your WordPress website. there are many methods to optimize database like using SQL query, modifying Wp.config file. At the starting stage using a plugin is the best way to optimize the database. there are many plugins to optimize database but SP-sweep is best because most of the database optimizer plugin left certain data behind while performing the option but WP Sweep does not.

5. Contact Form 7-:
Contact Form has the most important aspect to connect with your user without disclosing your email ID. It is a must-have thing
if you are providing any premium services.

6. WP Smushit-:
optimizing image is the most important aspect to reduce your website loading time. there are many WordPress plugin to optimize the image. the best part of wp smushit is its free version provides unlimited image optimization.

7. Wordfence-:
Security is the most important aspect of a WordPress website. WordPress is very secure most of the security breach is caused due to disclosing your WordPress core file or installing plugin or theme, not from the WordPress directory. Wordfence is a freemium type of plugin but a free version is more than enough to secure your WordPress website.

4. Promote your WordPress website on social media.

Once you have created your website now it is time to promote your website on social media. If you are creating good content but not sharing on social media, people will not come to know about your good content. Social media marketing is as important as creating awesome content. There are many social media plugin are available on WordPress platform you can choose one of them and start promoting your website.

Every social media platform have a certain specific time when user most active on it. you can user schedule you best post using Social Pilot or Buffer to schedule your post and keep focusing on the creation of good content. Social pilot and buffer are freemium types of plugin but their free plan is more than enough at the starting stage.

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