Best Method to Deactivate WordPress Plugins using cPanel

How to Deactivate WordPress Plugin using cPanel
Do you need to deactivate WordPress plugins, but you are not able to log into your WordPress site?  In this case of WordPress white screen of Death, you will lose access of your WordPress Dashboard  Whenever this problem or error occurs in WordPress, you are often advised to deactivate all plugins and then re-activate them one by one this help to find out culprit plugin.  Today in this article I will tell you how to Deactivate all WordPress Plugins without logging into the WordPress Dashboard. So let’s start…

How to Deactivate WordPress Plugins using cPanel-:

Best Method to Deactivate WordPress Plugins using cPanel

You will need to use a file manager or FTP client in your hosting cPanel. Here I will use the file manager of the hosting. You will have to log into the cPanel of your web hosting, then go to the root directory (public_html or www) and click on “wp-content”. Rename the plugins folder inside it like plugins_OLD (you can name the plugin folder anything) Now all the plugins from your site will be deactivated. 

How to Deactivate all WordPress Plugin With Login to Your WordPress Dashboard

WordPress looks for a plugins folder to load the plugin. When this folder is not found, it automatically disables active plugins. This process will fix an issue like WordPress White Screen of Death if any of your plugin creating this issue.

Nothing to worry about. To fix this, again log into your web hosting cPanel and rename the renamed plugins_OLD folder to the plugin again. Then, go to the WordPress dashboard and activate the plugins one by one. I hope this article helped to deactivate all plugins in your WordPress site.

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