How to Enable Secure Sign in WordPress 

How to Enable Secure Sign on Self Hosted WordPress 

How to Enable Secure Sign-on Self Hosted WordPress-: WordPress is one of the most popular CMS with over 35% of internet website are build on WordPress CMS at this time of writing this post. There other CMS like Squarespace, Joomla, Drupal etc but use by only fewer sites.

WordPress is far ahead as compared to its competitor. Previously WordPress users use WordPress to create a blog or website But now WordPress core code changed a lot as well as the massive ecosystem of Plugins and theme, you can create any type of website with WordPress.

As WordPress is more popular CMS, therefore, it is the main target for a hacker. As per Sucuri WordPress accounted for 90 per cent of all hacked CMS sites in 2018. WordPress is very secure by default itself most of the security breach occurs due to the use of theme and plugin from unauthorized sources. 

There are many advantages to using self-hosted WordPress. One of the same major challenges of using Self Hosted WordPress is, you have to manage with your own all your website safety and security. In this post, I will talk about How you can implement level of security in your Self-Hosted WordPress blog.

On self-hosted WordPress our login page is public. Hacker may easily visit your website login page with and guess a password with multiple trials. The easiest method is to depend upon WordPress security plugin which will cost you money to access their premium feature. 

How to Enable Secure Sign on your Self Hosted WordPress-:

How to Enable Secure Sign in WordPress allows Self Hosted WordPress user to integrate their security level on their website. which mean before breaking your website security hacker have to break Security. To enable level of security you must have account. if not then create one.
How to Enable Secure Sign on Self Hosted WordPress 
Once you are done with account creation with go to your Self Hosted WordPress Plugin page and install Jetpack Plugin, after account creation Enable Two Factor Authentication. Go to your jetpack plugin page setting and click on connect with once the connection established now you can sign to your Self Hosted WordPress account with your account login credential.
How to Enable Secure Sign on Self Hosted WordPress 

How to By-Pass Your Self Hosted WordPress Login Page-:

Once you follow the above steps on Your login Page you will get two option either log on with login Credential or with your self hosted WordPress login Credential. To completely disable your self hosted WordPress login credential go your hosting cPanel take the backup of function.php file and add the following code.
 add_filter( 'jetpack_sso_bypass_login_forward_wpcom', '__return_true' );
Go to Your Profile page and authenticate’’ login with’’ now you can log in to your Self hosted WordPress blog with login credential.
Conclusion-: WordPress secure sign-on easiest way to secure your WordPress website. if you want more security you can also add Two Factor Authentication.

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