How to Select Right Niche for Your Blog

How to Select Right Niche for Your Blog

Are you looking to start a blog but unable to choose perfect Niche don to worry I am here to help you. Keep reading this post, In this post, I will guide you on how to select a perfect Niche to kick start your Blogging Journey.

if you want to be a blogger and want to achieve financial freedom through blogging then selection of right category or topic for blogging is most important which known as Niche. Before selecting a niche for blogging it is most important to find out your passion. Take a blank paper and write down those things which you are more passionate about. the niche you have selected must have a mass audience so that it can be easily monetized. 

How to Perform Research on your Niche-:

How to Select Right Niche for Your Blog

Once you find out your interest in writing search about your niche main keyword on Google Trend and see the search volume. also, search your Niche keyword on social media platform with a hashtag so that you come to know How many people are talking about it. if you find that niche you have selected have very low search volume then try another niche which you are interested in.

1. Find Out the Things you are Passionate About-:

How to Select Right Niche for Your Blog
Your passion matters the most about your Blogging Niche, if you selected a blogging niche that has huge search volume and you think you can target mass audience but you are not passionate about it, I am sure after some time you will disappoint.
The best way is to take a blank paper and write down your passion and select your passion and start your blog. suppose you have 3 passion do the keyword search and possibilities of affiliate market and start 3 blogs on experiment basis for three months, after three-month analysis the web traffic and stick with the niche that has high traffic.

2. Use Google Trend-:

How to Select Right Niche for Your Blog

Google Trend is one of the best ways to find out what people are searching over the internet and what is the search history of a specific keyword. if you are keyword have high search volume in past which mean it has a mass audience at the same time huge competition.

If you have selected such niche then you must have patience and keep producing quality content on the equal interval of time. Google Trend is pretty handy you can do a country-specific search if your targeted audience is from your country.

3. Use Free Blogging Platforms-:

How to Select Right Niche for Your Blog

It may happen you are confused with two or more niche and not decide about which will work for you. Use a free blogging platform like and to start a blog on all your niche. Start blogging on all your niche after 2 to 3-month analysis the traffic on your all niche and select the niche that has maximum web traffic.

if you directly purchase a Domain name and hosting and later on you find that the niche you have selected is not working for you then your domain name and hosting will be a waste of money. is an awesome platform to experiment with your blogging niche you can create many blogs to find out the best niche and your passion about writing. provide full flexibility to migrate your blog to Self Hosted WordPress whenever you want with minor payment for redirection.

Conclusion-: In this post, I have tried to explain in my best way to select a Blog Niche to start your Blogging Journey. However, My best advice is to follow your passion and select a Niche which you are passionate about.

Thanks for reading…“Pardon my grammar, English is not my native tongue.”

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