How to use old Blog post to Drive more Traffic to your Blog

How to use old Blog post to Drive more Traffic to your Blog

Are you looking to drive more traffic to your blog post using your old post stay tuned with this post. In this post, I will explain in-depth how to grow your blog traffic using your old post. Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your Blog Traffic and take maximum advantage of your existing content.

on WordPress CMS there are so many good plugins which will reduce your Social Media Efforts. If you are using Jetpack Plugin you can share your newly published post to your major social media account or you can use IFTTT tool.  

How to use old Blog post to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog-:

How to use old Blog post to Drive more Traffic to your Blog

Sharing your old blog post on social media will definitely bring more traffic. If you schedule your post or share it, then I will take lots of time and energy. Revive old post is an awesome plugin to automate social media sharing of your evergreen blog post.
Revive old post not only boost your website traffic but also grow your social media followers. It will help you to keep your existing followers engaged. Revive old post has more than 40,000 plus downloads on WordPress official plugin directory.
Revive old post plugin saves lots of time in your Social Media Marketing efforts and adds some social media automation to your workflow. This Plugin is a freemium type, a Free plan that allows connecting two Social Media Network. My website growth got 3x when I start using this plugin.
Configuration of this plugin is very easy. I recommend going with a free plan and connect Facebook and Twitter and if this plugin helps you to grow your website traffic, upgrade your plan and connect other social media account.

Configure Revive Old Post Plugin to Drive more Traffic to your Blog-:

Head over to your WordPress Dashboard go to plugin section and search for Revive old post and install the Plugin. once you install and activate the plugin go Dashboard and connect your account.

In free plan, you can only connect two accounts which are Facebook and Twitter which is I think more than enough in free plan because these two are the most popular social network. Pinterest is also a good platform to get massive traffic on your blog but you have to upgrade to premium plan. 

How to use old Blog post to Drive more Traffic to your Blog

Once you connected your account head over to setting page. Recommended setting shown in the below image but you can change as per your need.

How to use old Blog post to Drive more Traffic to your Blog

Once you finished general setting now in this step we will setup format of post. In below image, I have shared my setting for post format. you can change as per your requirement.

How to use old Blog post to Drive more Traffic to your Blog

Custom scheduling is paid option to leave it. Now click on magic button Start Sharing and click on Sharing Queue. you will see that Revive old post start sharing your post.

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