How to Verify SSL Certificate on your WordPress website

How to Verify SSL Certificate on your WordPress website

Moving your WordPress Website from HTTP to HTTPS is very easy and cost-effective. In my previous post I have explained that How you can Install Free SSL certificate on your WordPress Website. After installation, it is very important to check your SSL certificate so that modern web browser marking your website secure or not. In this post, I Will explain how you can verify your SSL certificate after installation.

How to Verify SSL certificate using Google Chrome Browser-:

Verifying your website SSL certificate in Google Chrome is very easy. If your website marked by Lock symbol which means your website, SSL certificate is valid. To check the validity of your certificate, click on Certificate, a new window will pop up which will show the validity of the certificate.

How to Verify SSL Certificate on your WordPress website

How to Verify the SSL certificate using WordPress Plugin-:

Without an up-to-date SSL certificate, the warnings your prospects receive about the safety of your site can cause you to lose customers. Plus, 50,000 websites get hacked every day. You want to always ensure your website is as safe as possible for your benefit and your visitors. SSL Domain Checker verifies site SSL certificate and domain expiry dates and alerts site admin via email before the SSL certificate or domain expires.

How to Verify SSL Certificate on your WordPress website

The SSL Domain Checker WordPress plugin also checks and alerts you for your domain expiry, so you don’t end up with your site down or even lose your website url. The SSL Domain Checker is easy to install and runs automatically. It checks your SSL and domain for expiry every 24 hours and sends you alerts to keep you well informed.

Silent Feature of SSL Domain Checker-:

  • Do note that domain transfer must be initiated more than 15 days before the domain expires if that’s something on your task list.
  • The plugin is basically installed, activate and forget until the alerts start coming in.
  • The alerts and respective expiry dates are visible in the admin menu as well.

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