How to Migrate WordPress website to new Hosting

How to Migrate WordPress website to new Hosting

How to Migrate WordPress website to new Hosting-: If you are not happy with your current web host, you can move your WordPress website to a new host. WordPress provides full flexibility to change your Host if you are not getting quality service from your current hosting provider.

You may consider migrating on Bluehost because it is officially recommended by WordPress community.  In this post, I will talk about How you can migrate your WordPress website using Migrate Guru WordPress Plugin. I have seen many pro bloggers who migrates their website from one host to another host to reduce their Hosting cost because when you move to a new web host you will get a huge discount for first time purchase.

How to migrate WordPress website using Migrate Guru-:

How to Migrate WordPress website to new Hosting

Most of the all web hosting provide the facility of backup either Automatic or Manual depends upon your hosting plan. Hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost etc provide backup facility either you can take partial backup or full backup. The partial back is the backup of your WordPress core files. To migrate your website you have to take full backup which you can easily take from your Hosting Cpanel. In the case of any difficulty, you can contact your hosting provider.

How to Take Manual Backup From your Hosting cPanel-:

  1. Log into your cPanel.
  2. Under Files, click File Manager.
  3. On the left panel, find the public_html folder and expand the folder by clicking on the + symbol. Select the folder with your website’s name.
  4. Right-click your website’s folder and select Compress.
  5. Select Zip Archive and click Compress File(s).
  6. After the compression is complete, select the zip file and click Download on the top menu bar.
  7. Now, place your backup in a secure location on your hard drive.

Once you are done with the backup download the Migrate Guru plugin and activate it.  Migrate Guru is an awesome plugin because it uses their own server and intelligent process to move your website from one place to other. it automatically rewrites URLs, Bypasses import and export script and handles the data in a systematic way so there is zero risks to migrate your WordPress website using migrate guru. If you want to clone a WordPress website it can also do that migrate guru works with best-hosting companies. it handles all hard work and notifies you via email.

Silent Features of Migrate Guru WordPress Plugin-:

How to Migrate WordPress website to new Hosting

  1. It has huge potential to clone and migrate a website, A GB website can be cloned in less than 30 minutes.
  2. It does not put a load on your server because migrate guru uses its own server for a smooth migration.
  3. Website data is safe with Migrate Guru because once the cloning and migration complete on their server your data will be erased.

Migrate guru supports more than 5000+ web host which are WPEngine, Pantheon, FlyWheel, LiquidWeb, Cloudways, Savvii, DigitalOcean, Hostgator, Godaddy, Bluehost, SiteGround, Kinsta, AWS, Pressable, Webhostingtalk, Inmotion Hosting, Softlayer, Reverbnation, Homestead, Site5, Linode, Fatcow, Dreamhost, Liquid Web, Rackspace, etc.

Please note-: Migrate guru does not support localhost migration and Migration of multi-site network sub-sites to a different domain or migration of a site to a multi-site network subdivision.

Migration Steps to Move website using Migrate Guru Plugin-:

Step.1-: Install the Migrate Guru Plugin and activate it choose the web hosting company that you want to migrate. it works with all major hosting companies if you do not see your hosting provider there choose cPanel or FTP migration.
How to Migrate WordPress website to new Hosting

Step.2-: After you choose your Web Host, you will need to enter the following information.

How to Migrate WordPress website to new Hosting
1. Destination Site URL.
2. Destination Server IP address.
3. cPanel User name.
4. cPanel Password.

You might have to provide additional information if your website password protected after that click on migrate. it is all done.

How to Migrate WordPress website to new Hosting

Conclusion-: Migrate guru is an awesome plugin which simplifies the WordPress migration process. It is powered by BlogVault which is a boarding partner of top WordPress host. Migrate Guru uses intelligent processes on its own servers… So there are ZERO risks to your sites.

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