Most Effective Ways to Grow your Blog’s Audience

Most Effective Ways to Grow your Blog's Audience

Most Effective Ways to Grow Your Blog’s Audience-: Just creating Good content and publishing it is not enough to grow your reader base. There are a number of ways to grow your audience apart from creating good content. if you look at popular blog under your niche you will see that pro blogger gives equal importance to content creation and audience building. In this post, I will talk about How to grow your blog audience.

Most Effective Ways to Grow Your Blog’s Audience-:

1. Write as Per Audience Point of View-:

Most Effective Ways to Grow your Blog's Audience

For blogger writing short content with lots of info is an art. A user comes to your website to get valuable info. a user gives valuable time to your website so write content as per user point of view. Never disappoint your user. Write content keeping in mind that you are the user.

If your website bounce rate is high which shows that you are not writing valuable content, it is the best way to check the quality of your writing. Apart from writing also focus on grammar because the user does not like a post that contains lots of grammatical errors even it has lots of valuable information. You can use a tool like Grammarly Chrome Extension and Hemingway App for grammar check. Hemingway app is the best tool to check the readability score.

2. Use Keywords Carefully-:

Most Effective Ways to Grow your Blog's Audience

Using a focused keyword with respect to your post subject increase the chance to get listed higher in the search result but it does mean you use focused keyword much time. Keep focused keyword density as low as possible. You can use a tool like Keyword Everywhere, Google Search, Google Keyword Planner to find popular related search phrases you may want to include in your posts.

3. Improve your Blog SEO-:

Most Effective Ways to Grow your Blog's Audience

At the starting stage of blogging it is very hard to know what Search Engine loves the most to list a web page higher in the search result. Start using dedicated SEO Plugin like Yoast. you will come to what data of a post is most matter to the Search engine. you can read my complete guide on How to Install and Configure Yoast SEO Plugin.

4. Use Stunning Images with Blog Post-:

Most Effective Ways to Grow your Blog's Audience

A post with image and infographics gets more user engagement than posts without an image. There are many free image websites where you can find stunning images for your blog post. you can use a free tool like Canva and Adobe Spark. I create my own blog post feature images using these tools.

5.Promote Your Blog Posts-:

Most Effective Ways to Grow your Blog's Audience

It is very hard to imagine the growth of a blog without social media marketing. It is an alternative solution for online advertising and saves money. A plugin like Jetpack Share blog post to use social network once new content is published. Social media not only help you to promote your blog but also provide you with the opportunity to connect with like-minded people under your blog niche.

6.Convert your Visitor into Subscriber-:

Most Effective Ways to Grow your Blog's Audience

It does not matter how much stunning content you create but 80% of your new visitor will come to your website again. Email subscription is a method to convert your blog visitor into a subscriber. You can use the Free plan of MailChimp and create your own email subscription box. You can also ask your user to subscriber Browser Push Notification. Read my complete guide Best plugin for Browser Push Notification.

7.Work Your Comments Section-:

Most Effective Ways to Grow your Blog's Audience

Your blog reader will feel happy if you respond to their query. You should also comment on your fellow blogger post. commenting can help you a lot for community building. respond to each comment of your blog user. WordPress dashboard is pretty handy to moderate the comments on your blog.

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