PageSpeed Ninja WordPress Plugin Review

PageSpeed Ninja Plugin Review-: Awesome Plugin to Boost Performance of WordPress website

PageSpeed Ninja Review-: Awesome Plugin to Boost Performance of WordPress site-: Are you looking to boost the performance of your WordPress website? Stay tuned with this post I will explain How you can boost the speed of your website without any coding. Your website loading time has a very important role in Search Engine Ranking because Google lists a website top of their search result that load fast. Faster loading of your website will also enhance user experience and it helps to reduce bounce rate and boost SEO ranking. Your website performance is a lot more depends upon your hosting provider and type of hosting you are using.

How to Check Performance of WordPress site-:

PageSpeed Ninja WordPress Plugin Review

Now the question comes how to know your website loading time is satisfactory or not to know this visit and enter your website URL and click on test your website. It will test your website and show you the result and also tell you the possible areas of improvement. 

there are other tools like Google PageSpeed Score and YSlow Score to test your website speed but you have no need to test your website speed on each platform, GTmetrix will do for you. My website Test score is as follow.

PageSpeed Ninja Plugin Review-: Awesome Plugin to Boost Performance of WordPress website

If your website test score above 75 when mean it is good but if your website speed is less than 75 mean your website need speed optimization. if you are good in coding you can do it yourself but who does not have coding knowledge for them I will explain in this post. On WordPress Platform there are many plugins which will do optimization job for you. In this post, I will explain about PageSpeed Ninja Plugin which helped to increase my page speed score. 

Boost Performance of WordPress site using PageSpeed Ninja Plugin-:

PageSpeed Ninja Plugin Review-: Awesome Plugin to Boost Performance of WordPress website

PageSpeed Ninja is the ultimate WordPress performance plugin. You can make your site load faster on desktop and mobile, fixing Google PageSpeed Insights issues with one click. This plugin easily enables Gzip compression. once you install and activate this plugin, Page speed Ninja does it job and it will optimize your website without any setting. it will also show you the score on different parameters.

PageSpeed Ninja WordPress Plugin Review

I have already posted an article on this topic How to enable Gzip compression on WordPress website using .htaccess file. This Plugin fix CSS and Javascript render-blocking which enhance your website loading time.

Silent Feature of Page Speed Ninja Plugin-:

  • Improve Critical Rendering Path and auto-generate above-the-fold critical CSS
  • Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS files
  • Combine and inline Javascript and CSS
  • Defer loading of Javascript and CSS
  • Optimize style / script order
  • Compress all images to optimize size
  • Defer images by lazy loading with optional low-quality image placeholders
  • Leverage browser caching and server-side caching
  • Optimize your images accurately for nearly 10,000 different mobile browsers thanks to the included AMDD database – one of the most comprehensive mobile device databases available.
  • And MUCH more, based on 10+ years of experience in mobile-optimizing over 200 000 websites.

Since long time Page Speed Ninja optimizing web on mobile (you might know one of their popular projects, Lazy Load XT on Github). PageSpeed Ninja for WordPress is the result of 10+ years of experience in optimizing the performance over 200 000 websites on mobile. you won’t find a similar, easy to use, all-in-one package of performance-boosting features anywhere else and it is True I am using it on it optimized my website and helped to increase my score on  This plugin uses the above-the-fold critical CSS generation method, not seen in any other plugins. you visit PageSpeed.Ninja and test your site beforehand.

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