Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know-:  In Blogging it does not matter How many posts you publish on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis what mater is quality of content. I have seen many websites that have few posts but their article trending top of search result because these pro bloggers follow checklist very strictly In this post, I will explain the importance of Checklist in blogging and explain what things you fix on your blog post before hitting publish button.

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist for your WordPress Blog-:

Blog Post checklist has a very important role in Blogging like manufacturing industry where each product must pass a certain test. As a Mechanical Engineer, I know its importance and I use a checklist in my daily life before delivering my work to the client. Blog Post Checklist involves important points which you have to fix before hitting publish button it is like a quality test.

A most common error that most of the blogger does even creating stunning content is Grammar Check, Missing of proper Heading Tag etc. Below are some important points of Blog Post Checklist with the best of my knowledge.

Essential Points in Blog Post Checklist-:

1.Perform Keyword Research-:

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know

Keyword Research has a very important role in your blog SEO ranking. The first thing you need to do is to know which keywords you want to use to optimize your content. In other words, what search terms do you want each post to show up as a result?

You can determine this by performing keyword research, which helps you find phrases that are relevant to your content and see how many times users search for them every month. I have written many posts on Keyword Research on my blog. Click Here to know more about it.

2. Write your Blog post around your Keywords-:

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know

Once you find out Right keywords for your blog post try to write your blog post around that keyword and keep a good density of focused Keyword. If you are using Rank Math plugin, this plugin will show you keyword density.

If your keyword density is good this plugin will show a green mark. Keep in mind that never use keyword too frequently because it will increase your keyword density above the recommended level and will hurt your SEO ranking.

3.Create Eye-Catching Blog Title-:

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know

A Catchy Headline has an important role in your website traffic growth because a Catchy headline encourages user to click and read the article. To create a Catchy headline, you can use SEOPressor blog title generator.

I use it and it is best toll to generate a headline for your blog post. If possible, use number in your blog title because SEO plugin loves it. Let’s see with an example

  1. Speed up your WordPress website
  2. Top 10 methods to Optimize your WordPress website for Speed

If you look at above to headline second headline look very appealing. Before creating a title for your blog post do your research on a question-answer website like Quora and Reddit you will get lots of ideas to create an awesome blog post title.

4. Write Proper Meta Description-:

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know

In simple word, Meta Description is a short description of your blog post Which is used by Search engines like Google and Bing to display in search result. The goal of the meta description is ultimately to provide short info about your blog post. Since a meta description can only be between about 100 to 300 characters, you do not have much space to work with.

You will, therefore, need to consider the key points of the post and ask yourself exactly why somebody would want to read it. Then, engage your reader with that information right away. The benefit of reading your post should be clear to the reader from just the headline and description. You cannot add Meta Description while creating a blog post you must use any SEO Plugin.

I personally recommend Rank Math plugin even Yoast SEO is more popular than it but some of the Feature in Rank math are at free of cost while in Yoast it is paid one.

5. Proof Read you Blog Post before Publishing-:

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know

While writing a blog post every blogger makes mistake so it is always recommended to read your post 2-3 time before publishing it. This is essential, as even minor errors can make you come across as sloppy and unprofessional. Proofreading is a skill that you can improve over time, just like writing. To fix the grammar-related issue you can use Grammarly Chrome Extension but do no completely depends upon it. Read your post aloud this will help you spot errors and clunky sentences.

6. Properly Format your Post-:

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know

Always Format your post before publishing it. Use properly Heading and Sub-Heading Tag. H1 should be used exclusively for the page’s title, followed by H2 and H3. I personally recommend using H4 only on longer posts and this heading tag not have much importance for Search engine.

Always start your blog post with an introductory paragraph and interlink your existing blog post with keyword in your current blog post. Always use same font size for all post never mix your font because it will hard your reader to read your blog post.

7.Optimize your Blog Images for Speed-:

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know

Image optimization is a must-have thing that every blogger must do to boost the loading time of their blog. Images make a blog post more appealing and boost SEO ranking but the downside is Large, high-quality images in particular demand a lot of storage space, which makes your site slower and can have significant negative effects on your site. Either you can reduce image size before uploading it or you can use WordPress Plugin to optimize your website images.

8.Never Forget to do Internal Linking

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know

Internal linking not only boost your SEO ranking but also reduce your Bounce rate. It helps keep engage your visitor on your website. Internal linking makes it easier for your readers to find other related posts they might be interested in. I personally use Link Juicer Plugin to interlink my content and this plugin is free of cost.

If you can invest some money you can buy Link Whisper Plugin which is far better than Link Juicer. It’s also crucial that you consider the end-user and don’t sprinkle in links just for the sake of doing so. Aim to only add links where they’re. Keep your internal linking keyword density as low as possible always focus on main keywords.

9. Also Includes External linking-:

Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Checklist That Every blogger Must Know

Do you like a guy who always talks about himself the answer will be No same way if you should not only interlink your article but also provide external link whenever possible. external links also help improve your SEO, since search engines use them to calculate relevancy. This means that if you link to high-quality sites similar to yours, search engines may raise your own site’s ranking as a result. It also makes it easier for search engines to understand your site’s purpose and subject matter. 

Thanks for reading…“Pardon my grammar, English is not my native tongue.”

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