WordPress Vs Blogspot to Kick Start Blogging Journey

WordPress Vs Blogspot to Kick Start Blogging Journey

Are you looking to start your own blogging Journey but confused Which Platform to Choose either WordPress or Blogger? Keep reading this Post You will get in-depth information about WordPress.com and Blogger.com so that you can decide with your own Which platform to choose to start your Blogging Journey. Both the platform are the good to start and experiment with blogging. You can start your blogging journey with self hosted WordPress but I personally not recommend it to anyone because learning blogging is a long term process and Self Hosted WordPress have cost of domain name and Hosting.

What is Blogging?

WordPress Vs Blogspot to Kick Start Blogging Journey

The word blog is actually a shortened form of its original name, “weblog.” These weblogs allowed early internet users to “log” the details of their day in diary-style entries. Blogs often allow readers to comment, so as they became more common, communities sprung up around popular blogs.

There are many benefits to writing a blog. One of the major benefits of writing blog is to write your expression and thoughts which helps reduce our stress level and build a connection with people under your niche.

When you start writing a blog you will feel happy because somewhere your happiness, sorrow and emotion is coming out. With Blogging, you will not only make a good connection with people but also can make extra income while doing your full-time job so that you will be financially strong.

There are a number of blogging platform which you can choose to kick start your Blogging. In the blogging world, Blogger.com and WordPress.com are two major blogging platform. 

WordPress.com Vs Blogger.com to Kick Start Blogging Journey-:


WordPress.com Vs Blogger.com to Kick Start Blogging Journey
It is a free blogging platform of Google and one of the oldest blogging platform. it good to see that Google have no plan to kill as google shut down some of their product like Google Plus. I think Google will not shut down blogger.com because many blogger earn their bread and butter by Showing ads of Google adsense on their blog. If Google shut down blogger then it will affect Google revenue which google generate from their advertising.
Most of the blogger start their journey from this Blogging Platform. Google acquired blogger.com in the year 2005 after that it is one of the oldest parts of Google product family which google not discontinued yet. Setting up a Blogger blog is very easy. choose the name, select the design and start writing. Pros and Cons of BlogSpot blog are as follow.

Pros of Blogger Blog.

  1. Easy to setup no coding skill required.
  2. Google Brand name behind it.
  3. Blogger Blog ranks higher in Google search result.

Cons of Blogger Blog

  1. No control of data, Google may shut down your blog in case of policy violation without any notice.
  2. Not much scope of Design Customization of Blogspot blog.


WordPress.com Vs Blogger.com to Kick Start Blogging Journey

WordPress.com is the face of the blogging platform and more popular than blogger.com. WordPress.com is more powerful than blogger.com because it is an open-source application build on PHP. WordPress is open source therefore each year it releases a new version with awesome feature.

The parent company behind WordPress.com is Automattic. WordPress.com provides full control of data, you can migrate your blog to self-hosted WordPress any time with a domain name and hosting, In this case, you have to pay a minor fee for redirection.

As compare to blogger.com WordPress.com blog have lots of feature like the free theme, advance Gutenberg editor which makes writing and editing article very easy. WordPress.com have the support and Android and iOS which help blogger to access their blog anytime and anywhere.

WordPress.com have strong Spam blocking feature with its Akismet plugin. it has detailed traffic stat feature with Jetpack plugin. WordPress.com comes with 3GB of storage with its free plan which is more than enough to kick start your free blog. Pros and cons of WordPress.com are as follow.

One of the major downsides of free WordPress.com blog is you can not monetize your blog until and unless you upgrade to basic or Premium Plan. WordPress.com have their own advertising network like Google Adsense known as Wordads. if you WordPress.com blog has a decent amount of traffic and upgrades to their basic plan which cost around $40 with the custom domain name you can join their Wordads program.

one thing which you can use to make money with your free version of WordPress.com blog is affiliate marketing. WordPress.com provide full control to use the affiliate link in your post to make make money until and unless your link should not have a purpose to send traffic to those websites.

Pros of WordPress.com Blog-:

  1. Easy to set up and no coding skill required.
  2. Lots of free themes to choose as per your blogging need.
  3. Strong social media sharing tool, traffic stat and spam blocking feature.
  4. Easy to use a custom domain name.
  5. Available in the form of Mobile App supports Android and iOS.
  6. It is open source and lots of support from the community forum.

Cons of WordPress.com Blog-:

  1. No Monetization feature until and unless you upgrade to a premium plan.
  2. You can not modify the theme and add CSS until and unless upgrade to Premium Plan.
  3. You can not install any third-party plugin.

Conclusion-: overall both blogger.com and WordPress.com are good platforms to kick start your blogging journey. Blooger.com is good but not for the long term it is not good because the future of blogger.com is uncertain. Google has not made it clear as we know that Google has already shut down its many services. I strongly recommend starting your blogger journey using WordPress.com because WordPress is open source and it has a bright future and powering more than 30% of the internet website.

Thanks for reading…“Pardon my grammar, English is not my native tongue.”

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