11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

Starting Blog in today’s round and becoming Blogger is not the easy way. If you create a Thrive and better Blog, you can earn lots of money by blogging but you must know the exact purpose and purpose of blogging, only if you can start a blog and become a successful Blogger but I would like to say that blogging and becoming a Blogger is not an easy task. You can start blogging for free soon on Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress etc., but if you want to make your Blog successful and successful, you will have to work hard and spend money too. You may well know that it is not possible to get anything for free. You can’t move the free blogging platform far ahead.

those who think There’s a lot of money in Blogging but it is not true. Most of the blogger fails in blogging because they start blogging keep in mind that they will get rich soon by making lots of money with blogging this type of blogger end their blogging career soon as they come into the world of blogging only by thinking about money. Blogging is all about following your passion when you follow your passion and give your 100% money will come automatically. 

11 Most Important Blogging Tips before starting a Blog -:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

01.Blogging is not a Quick way to Make Money-:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

Many pro bloggers in India like Amit Agrawal and Harsh Agrawal are making a good amount of money using blogging. If you are thinking making money from blogging is very easy then you are wrong because to achieve success in blogging you must have the passion and hard work and never expect a quick result.  Before starting a blog you should know why you want to be a blogger. If the answer is money only, you should not choose to blog because blogging is all about passion and if you follow your passion and give your 100% then money will come to you automatically.

02. Blogging is not Free-:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

There are much free blogging platforms like WordPress, blogger etc but comes with limitations. Free blogging platforms such as Google’s blogger, it’s free but you don’t have control over it. Google can also delete your blog whenever you want without informing you. This means that there are some blockages and control over such Blog. WordPress has a very good self-hosted Blog option you will have full control on your blog. 

You can easily install the self-hosted WordPress Blog by purchasing domains and hosting. At the same time, you can also buy a premium theme for your Blog some themes can be bought only once by paying money. However, there are themes that give years of money. 

03. Know the Purpose before Starting a Blog-:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

Before starting your blog you must know its purpose. If you do blogging without a purpose you will fail in blogging. Ask equation to yourself such questions will help you understand the true purpose of blogging. If you are passionate about blogging just producing good content for one year never expect anything till one year without losing patience. You can make huge amount of money with blogging if you do it for long term blogging does not work for the short term.

04. Decide what to do about Blogging-:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

Every Blogger before starting a blog first has to know what he wants to write about. A specific topic of Blog is required to pay attention to therefore I always recommend to do niche research before starting a blog. If you choose a less competitive niche you can easily rank your blog on Google search engine. There are lots of blogs already. If you don’t choose a good and unique theme for your blog as per your choice, you won’t be able to go far ahead.

Choose the main topic of your blog in such a way that it is the most different in the crowd. Choose a topic you love and have more knowledge about. Only then will you be able to write more and more accurate content on that topic. If you choose the right topic for your blog, Keep writing on it. don’t spread the blog too much. If you want to earn money from your blog and want to rank better in search engines so before choosing the topic of your blog, it is important to research the detailed keyword research as well as the specific topic of the blog. Only then can you determine a particular topic for your blog.

First of all, you need to know about your Blog reader and visitors. What are the needs of people who want to read your blog? Learn about their interests and concerns, as it helps you choose a good topic for your blog. Everyone from your blog doesn’t earn money on Blog so no one takes it. This is why they choose a topic that already contains more blogs, and they don’t have much knowledge about that topic. Therefore, it is important to choose a unique topic for your blog as well as have an interest and detailed information.

05. Post quality and content-:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

Most of the newer bloggers think that increasing posts on their Blog will increase more traffic and more money will come from the blog. But you need to know that such traffic will take place only once, then this traffic will never come again. Because such posts are not informative for them, you have not noticed the quality in an early post extension. So if you know how to write quality content before starting a blog, it helps you build success in blogging.

Why is” Content is King ” stated? This is what you need to know. Writing more posts can increase traffic, but you should pay more attention to post quality. Because if your blog reader receives important information from your post, they will subscribe to your blog and become your regular reader. But if you type a casual and unattractive post, no one will like your blog.

06. knowledge about CSS and HTML-:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

Now blogging platforms have become very effective, where there is little need for coding knowledge. Any premium theme and plugin can also be customized without coding knowledge so if you want to become a professional Blogger, you must take basic knowledge about HTML and CSS before starting a blog. If you know about these coding first, you can customize any of the blog themes you’d like. You can fix it yourself when an error occurs in your blog.

You can increase this coding knowledge for free. A lot of such a free site, where you online the HTML and CSS of about Sikh can, such as w3schools.com, shayhowe.com, Codecademy.com etc.

07. Go about basic SEO-:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

It is very important for any Blogger to have basic knowledge about search engine optimization. Because of this knowledge, you can increase organic traffic to your site. SEO is very difficult, but you can Rank Your Blog better in search engines with basic knowledge about it. Traffic from search engines is the root cause of any business getting bigger. You can see the posts from my Blog SEO and contact SEO category, where some basic information is provided. Which will help you understand basic SEO. The MOZ website also contains very good content about SEO from which you can learn about their beginner’s guide SEO.

08. Use Social Media-:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

Social media is now playing a huge role in promoting anything. The post of a new Blogger takes time to come to the search result. If he waited for a good post that people would read his post, it would be difficult to start. Initially, people may find it difficult to find your post in search engines.

Therefore, a new Blogger should also understand the importance of social media before starting a blog. It should not be trusted by search engines only. Your new and old posts should be promoted on large social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

This will help people know more about your blog and posts. There is no problem with how many times you can win your single post. People don’t know that you have already promoted this post. So, it can be clearly stated that social media is very helpful in bringing more traffic to your blog for a new blogger.

09. Don’t Steal other Blogger’s Content-:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

If you steal the content of another blogger or website and write it on your blog, Be careful. Soon your blog will stop coming to the search result. Because the world’s largest search engine Google will slap your blog strongly, your blog will never appear in search engines. 

You will keep thinking about why traffic on the blog is getting low, why not come to the blog search result. But this is due to Google’s bezel. Therefore, do not forget to copy and steal other’s content. You can also use your Blog by typing Copyright P Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Comments Policy on your Blog. Before starting a blog, you should learn that no one should steal your Blog articles or photos etc. You should also train yourself to avoid being unintentional contact thieves.”

10. Blog Design should be clean and nice-:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

Similarly, a Blog should also be clean, user friendly and readable. If your blog is not attractive and readable, no reader will read your blog. Your blog will become the first impression. Research into Smart Insights shows that people spend most of their time on mobile. So make your blog mobile-friendly. Because if your blog isn’t mobile and reader-friendly, it’s quite possible that traffic coming from Mobile will give you the fifth. So even if your blog is PC-friendly, mobile-friendly must be there.

11.Important to have patience-:

11 Most Important Blogging Tips Before Starting a Blog 

It takes time for any business to grow. When it comes to Blogger, it may take a little time to rank the site, it takes time for good traffic. Therefore, you should be patient and write quality posts and keep adding content to your blog.

Most New Blogger leaves blogging within 6 months because most of them starting blogging with the intention to make money in a short span of time but when it comes to hard work and no money comes quickly, blogging can make them lose their fascination. 

you should pay attention to some Blogging Tips suggested by Pro blogger, follow them on social media learn from them.  Choose a good Domain name before starting a blog but keep in mind that your domain is not similar to anyone else. Because you can’t make a big brand by buying a domain similar to another’s name. Therefore your domain must be unique.

As a professional blogger, you should always buy fast hosting service because such hosting contributes admirably to improving the ranking of your Blog.
Many free themes will be found for WordPress Blog, but the free theme comes with limited features so you should always give more priority to Premium theme because of a good premium theme the site gives better Loading Speed. Security Plugin must be used to protect your blog from hackers. Because such plugins help prevent hacking attempts. Use good Cache Plugin for fast loading of the site, such plugins reduce the loading time of the site. Reduce the plugin as much as possible in your site.

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