How to Paginate comments in WordPress

How to Paginate comments in WordPress
 If you get a lot of comments on your post, you should set a Pagination for them. This will load your site Fast and reduce the load on the server as well. Today in this article I will tell you how to set a drawing for Comments.It’s a good thing to have a lot of comments because it reflects the User engagement. Google considers your post useful and ranks well in the search result.It’s very easy to Paginate Comments on WordPress sites. You don’t need any plugin.

Why should Paginate Comments in WordPress-:

Too many comments can make your website very Slow and Slow loading can damage your site rankings. In addition, too many comments have caused the white screen. Comment pagination devide post comments in Multiple pages and reduces server load. And one reason is that if you don’t paginate your Comments, These can reduce your keyword density ratio. As a result, search engines won’t Index your posts for the right keywords.

How to set Comments Paginate in WordPress-:

First log into your WordPress site and click Settings >> Discussions then go to Other comment settings section. Now search for Break comments in pages option. Here you have to enter a Number (how much comment you want to show in the first page) to Break your comment.

Click the Save Changes button to store your settings. Comment pagination puts a negative impact on your Website SEO. WordPress generates URLs for each comment page. When you click on the second page of the comment, the page looks like the first page. Search engines can assume it as Duplicate content.

This can be easily fixed by using the Yoast SEO plugin that sets automatically Canonical URLs for your articles. But if you are using the All In One SEO plugin on your site, go to the general Settings of the plugin and make sure the Canonical URLs box is checked.

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