Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

There was a time when RSS feed was one of the most popular ways to deliver content. At the starting stage of my Blogging, I used to Google Feedburner to deliver my Blogger blog content. As Technology changed in last few years now we have better medium than RSS.

the golden era of RSS feed end when Google Shut down its Google Reader Service. Google Adsense for Feeds was also a way to earn money to display Google Ads in Feed. The shutdown of Feedburner also impacted the revenue of Blogger.

Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

I Would say RSS feed is not popular but also not dead. it is the best tool for people who want to start their auto Blog. I This Post I will talk about the best RSS Feed Plugin which you use with your WordPress Website. 

What is RSS feed and Why It is  Important for Website Growth?

We open our favourite websites on a daily basis to get the latest updates. It is hard fact that vising all website on a regular basis is not possible. there are other option to get the latest updates. we can subscribe e-mail subscription of our favourite website. whenever website has latest updates we get an email.

Most of the time that subscription mail goes into spam and we miss the updates. what if you get all your favourite website latest post on a single dashboard. Here RSS feed comes in the picture, RSS feed info of any website is well organized and updated in real-time.

Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It refers to XML (Extensible Markup language) files. The XML file is used to generate common information and share both the format and the data over the internet. Search engine only understands XML language to show website content in a search result.

if you are using Yoast SEO, you can easily generate an XML sitemap. Every Website has its own Sitemap. your favourite website has an RSS feed that maintains a list of new updates and notification. any website that builds on WordPress CMS have default RSS feed in form of

Best RSS Feed Plugin is as Follow-:


Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

Feedzy is one of the most powerful WordPress RSS aggregators that helps to Curate Content, Autoblog, Import and displays an unlimited RSS feed on WordPress Website.

Silent Features of Feedzy RSS Aggregator-:

1. You Import unlimited RSS feed from unlimited sources.
2. You can import multiple feed sources of Same Topic.
3. You can display RSS feed using Gutenberg Block, Shortcode and third party Page Builder inside the post.
4. Easy to Display Number of Item of RSS feed.
5. Easy to set Title Character Limit in case post is too long.
6. Control your own Caching Time.
7. Easy to use on Sidebar of WordPress site.
8. Easy to control Meta Feed of the post, you decide what to display.


Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

This plugin works with the core functionality of WordPress, therefore, does not require any external library. it uses simplePie library for parsing feeds. SimplePie is a very fast and easy-to-use feed parser, written in PHP, that puts the ‘simple’ back into ‘really simple syndication’.It Works with Shortcode which is easy to customization.

<?php RSSImport(10, ‘’); ?>
Where you have to replace with the website you want to display RSS feed.

3.Category Specific RSS Feed-:

Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

Category-specific RSS feed very beneficial for Website that that covers a wide range of topic. you reader may not be interested in all topic. This plugin will provide category base RSS feed subscription option to the user so that your reader only get updates about the topic they are interested in.

You can also create a tag-specific RSS feed menu using this plugin. Create an RSS feed menu for all of your tags on the blog using a simple shortcode.

4.WP RSS Aggregator

Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

It is one of the best RSS feed aggregator plugins to import, merge and display feed. Using this plugin you can display RSS as well as Atom feed on your WordPress website. using this plugin you can import unlimited feed source and manage all your source from a single page.

It has a customizable template with various styling option. It has built-in Shortcode and Blocks to display items. It is the best plugin to curate News, Videos from the resource in your niche.

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