Role of Keyword Density in SEO

Role of Keyword Density in SEO
 Keywords are the cornerstone of SEO. this helps to get your content top-ranked. A few years ago, some marketers used keyword stuffing to increase their website rankings, but today everything has changed and it does not work as before. Now search engines have become much smarter. In this article today I will explain to you how much Keyword Density should be for SEO. So let’s start…

What is Keyword Density-:

How many times have you used a targeted keyword in your content. For example, if a blog post has 700 words and uses the keyword 7 times, it means that the Keyword Density in the article is 1%.

How to Calculate Keyword Density-:

(Number of keywords / Total number of words) * 100

If you want to find the Keyword Density for your content, you will need:

  • Your keyword
  • Number of total words in the page
  • Then divide your keyword number by the total number of words on the page and then multiply the result by 100.

You can use these free keyword density checker tools:

Also, if you are a WordPress user and use Yoast SEO on your site, you can easily see the keyword density for your content. Just add your focus keyword, it will show you the keyword density with many optimization steps.

(Number of keywords/ Total number of words) * 100

What Should be Percentage of Keyword Density-:

Let’s make it clear – in today’s time, Keyword Density matters little. Google suggests writing the article keeping in mind the user experience. Use keywords smartly in your article and put your keywords in the right places. This will give you better results. You think that if you use keywords again and again you will rank high in SERPs, you are totally wrong! Doing this can be really bad because Google refers to your page as “keyword stuffing” I can see you and impose a penalty. I recommend you to keep 1-2% keyword density with semantic keywords. Semantic keywords are words that are synonyms, variations, or related.

What is Keyword Stuffing-:

Keyword stuffing occurs when a user repeatedly repeats the target keyword to manipulate their ranking in the search result. At one time, there was a very popular strategy to gain top rank in SERPs. However, it is not used today and is considered a black hat SEO. You should avoid it because keyword stuffing is against Google’s quality guidelines, and this can lead to a search engine penalty and to remove your page from SERPs. Quick tips are given to keep the keywords in the right places:

  • In the title tag (at the beginning of the title)
  • in permalink
  • In h1 and h2 tag
  • At the beginning of the article
  • At the end of the article
  • In meta description
  • Use in image’s alt tag

I would like to say it again: if you repeatedly use the same keyword in your content, it makes your content unnatural and spammy. Also, high keyword density creates poor experience for the reader.

Now that you have a better understanding of keyword density, then I have shared some tips and tricks for keyword research.

Use High Search Volume Keywords This is a must. The more people search for a keyword, the more traffic you can get.
Use Long Tail Keywords If your site is brand new. Or you want to target keywords on which competition is very low, then Long Tail Keywords can be very beneficial for you.
Use Low Competition Keyword Always select low competition keyword for your content. This increases the likelihood of your content appearing on the first page of Google.
Use Related Keywords – Use the related keywords to optimize your content in a better way. This helps Google better understand what your content is about.

Search engines does not have a clear answer to keyword density. Most SEO experts believe that an ideal keyword density should be around 1-2%. Create high-quality and valuable content for your reader. Once you write the article, you can add keywords and keyword density.

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